Building my first AI app

I shipped my first AI product - were students and professionals can use chatgpt or any other LLM without context switching. Users can spin up a chat directly on any app and text with keyboard shortcuts.

Here is a loom demo if you want to see the features

Why ?

I noticed that I would constantly copy a block of text then split screen between chatgpt and the task I was working on. With my experience building a couple of macos automation tools, I wanted to bring the chatbot experience in an accessible way that can spawn from any app.

Current Goals with

The biggest priority is creating a feedback loop between my early users and generate a better understanding of my value proposition, if reducing context switching between your current task and an LLM is helps boost your productivity.

Request for feedback

I wanted to share the current progress of Topbar AI and how it helps me use commonly used prompts on the fly in any app. I am now asking if you can give it a try to hopefully improve any of your workflows where you're using chat gpt.

So take a look at and give it a spin!